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Jay Strong

Profile Updated: October 8, 2018
Jay Strong
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Chapel Hill, NC USA
Alec, Andrew, Christian, Catherine
Jay Strong


Yes! Attending Reunion

Since retirement, I run, ski, garden, play golf professionally and drive a sports car at the track. Well, some of that might be true except for the “professional” part. Hunt big game in the Rockies or shall I simply say, they weigh more than I do. I am an oenophile, especially the cheap Italian stuff. Really would prefer living in Tuscany; Italy is a bit chaotic (as God intended). I still consult and travel as needed.

Before retirement, I worked and lived in 6 countries and lots of cities, Paris, London, New York, DC, Tokyo, Milan, Genoa, Pittsburgh and Cincinnati (and at least two others that shall remain nameless). I kept getting asked to leave. Early in my career I worked for the government overseas doing stuff. I travelled all over Russia, China and Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, and Africa. Then I went to work in the private sector fixing things, domestic and overseas as well. We moved from Tokyo to Chapel Hill in 2006.

I married my “second wife” first (it’s cheaper, easier - and you never mix up their names). She is also a UNC grad school graduate who went to the University of Salzburg (the hills are alive with the sound of music). We have 4 children, 3 work in the “family business,” ... national intelligence. One is still in college - they keep you young.

Interesting Note: Becky Riggan Bevaqua graduated with me from UNC Law. Her passing was a loss. Becky was so gifted and smart.

School Story

My favorite story - and I am no longer sure it is true or a figment of my imagination - is during graduation, Billy Stagg delivered an address to the class. He recalled how our teachers kept reminding us in the closing weeks before graduation that our class would never again be together as the entire class. He mentioned they told us, “You will never see many of these people again.” He noted that over and over the faculty and administrators kept repeating this. Billy then paused, ... looked up, and observed to all, “Frankly, I am looking forward to not seeing some of you.”

It was a very, very funny moment. Billy remains one of the most brilliantly funny people I have had the privilege to know. Years later, when I was working in Japan, someone sent me a copy of the Durham Morning Herald (not sure why). For some reason, I noticed that Billy’s name was next to the title, managing editor. We exchanged emails. Good times!

On the other hand, I may have just made this fun story up? Who can remember anymore?

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